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Tuesday, October 4, 2005 2:26 PM

B. Major offenses:
1. Kicking or attempting to kick an opponent
2. Tripping or attempting to trip an opponent
3. Jumping at an opponent
4. Charging an opponent in a violent or dangerous manner
5. Charging an opponent from behind
6. Striking or attempting to strike or spit at or on an opponent
7. Holding an opponent
8. Pushing an opponent
9. Intentionally handling the ball (except goalkeeper within their own penalty area).
10. Slide Tackling with body contact
11. Charging (checking) an opponent into the perimeter wall
C. Minor offenses:
1. Playing in a dangerous or reckless manner
2. Fair charging an opponent when the ball is not within playing distance
3. Obstructing an opponent
4. Spitting on the field (this also carries a fine).
5. Chewing gum or eating food of any kind on the field.
6. Sliding or going to the ground (except goalkeeper within their own penalty area).
7. Not playing the ball within 5 seconds
8. Holding onto the wall.

D. Goalkeeper violations—For the following violations by a goalkeeper, the opposing team will receive a penalty kick:
1. Five (5) second limit—does not release a handled ball out of the penalty area within five (5) seconds of receiving it.
2. Handles the ball if it is played back to the goalkeeper by the foot of a teammate, even if the goalkeeper controls the ball outside of the penalty area and then brings it into the penalty area to pick it up.
3. Handles the ball after putting it down to be played, prior to the ball being touched by another player.
4. Punts the ball as a means of distribution. The goalkeeper may either play the ball on the ground or throw it back into play.
5. Bounces the ball and handles it again.


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