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Tuesday, October 4, 2005 2:30 PM

A. Players may be released from the penalty area by the referee when their time has expired or the opposing team scores a goal.
B. Only one player may leave the penalty area per goal. In case of a four (4) minute penalty, the first 2 minutes MUST be served.
C. Coed— In the event that only one (1) woman is fielded and issued a blue or yellow card, a man must serve her penalty. If a red card is issued, the game shall be terminated and subject to forfeiture.
D. Time penalties are shown as follows:
1. Blue Card = Two (2) minutes + direct free kick
2. Yellow Card = Four (4) minutes + direct free kick
3. Red Card = Five (5) minutes + direct free kick + ejection of player who received the red card. The five (5) minute penalty is awarded only for ejection and ALL of the time penalty must be served by one (1) teammate, regardless of any goals scored.

A. During Play
1. If necessary, time shall be extended at the end of each period to all the taking of a penalty kick.
2. The ball is placed on the Penalty Mark (small red hash mark).
3. Players from both teams shall remain behind the Center Line.
4. The Goalkeeper must have at least one (1) foot on the goal line.
5. Once the referee whistles the penalty kick to begin, the designated shooter has five (5) seconds to strike the ball.
6. The ball is in play once it is kicked and moves forward.
7. The player taking the penalty kick may not touch the ball again until it has been touched by another player.


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