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Wednesday, October 5, 2005 1:34 PM

JUMPING IN: Any player or coach ‘jumping in’, from the player box onto the field, to break up or participate in a fight will result in a $100 fine and forfeit of that game. If both teams “jump in”, a double forfeit will result accompanied by a $100 fine per team, regardless of which team “jumped in” first.

FIGHTING—ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY: Anybody fighting will be ejected and their membership will be terminated, indefinitely. Anybody threatening or stalking another member, staff, official or spectator will also be ejected, terminated (if a member), and reported to the authorities. AN “ASSAULT ON AN OFFICIAL” SHALL BE DEFINED AS AN ATTEMPT TO COMMIT BATTERY UPON AN OFFICIAL AND AN ACT WHICH IS CLOSE TO ACCOMPLISHMENT SHALL BE SUFFICIENT TO CONSTITUTE AN ASSAULT UPON AN OFFICIAL. LOCAL AUTHORITIES WILL BE NOTIFIED.

MANAGER/PLAYER RESPONSIBILITY: It is the responsibility of each player and the player’s team manager/representative to be aware of the total status of their players’ and their infractions. Failure to comply may result in further disciplinary measures which may include suspension of the manager/representative and forfeiture of games sanctioned player played in. This includes the use of illegal players-those not properly registered to that particular team, too many upper division players or players not current on their membership dues. Web schedules are to be used as a reference; changes may occur from time to time, the arena shall maintain the most current official game schedule.

TERMINATION OF PARTICIPATION: The facility management reserves the right to terminate an individual’s and team’s participation at the facility for violation of the facility policies.

Fines: Red Card $25 1st offense, $50 2nd offense. No Show Forfeit $50 per game. 


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